7 Reasons Your Kids Should Learn Latin

Latin may be a dead language, but it still lives on in many students who learn and love this classical form of communication. The Daily Dot explains that Latin can, in fact, still be used to create new words. Teaching your kids Latin will not only give them something to brag about, but it will also benefit their educational pursuits. Here are 7 reasons why. 

Increase English Vocabulary

Latin is at the core of the English language, and many words in English came directly from Latin. When kids know Latin, they are suddenly able to read and understand a host of English words even if they have never encountered them before. They are also able to understand new words by breaking them down in Latin.

This is knowledge that leads to better skills in reading, writing and comprehension. Making conversation also comes easier to kids who understand the roots of language. 

Understand Grammar

Grammar plays a large part in Latin. Kids who learn how to correctly string words together in Latin are easily able to apply that knowledge to English. This improves writing skills dramatically and allows kids to more effectively use grammatical concepts like verb tenses and complicated patterns. 

Studying Latin trains the mind to focus on detail and organize thoughts in a logical way that inspires learning. 

Learn Other Languages

Latin is not only a root language for English, but for other languages as well. Learning Latin makes it easy for students to learn languages like Spanish, French and Italian, and knowing an additional language makes it easier to get jobs, scholarships and acceptance to college. It also creates opportunities to study, live and work in cultures other than their own. 

Prepare for a Career in Science

If your kids are interested in pursing a career or education in any kind of science, learning Latin will be a valuable asset to them throughout their years in higher education and while they practice their chosen professions. All types of science, medicine and law include vocabulary based in Latin. 

Any students planning to attend medical school or law school should consider getting at least a basic education in Latin. This will give them an edge over other students when they enter college. 

Understand More Harry Potter

Kids who know Latin have an advantage over their friends when it comes to reading about Harry Potter. They can read and understand every spell in the books and give them something in common with JK Rowling. The author studied the classical language in college.

Read Classic Literature

Latin opens up a world of ancient literature to kids. Latin students can read classic works in the original language, giving them a deeper understand of the literature and gives them the freedom to interpret the words for themselves. 

Kids who study Latin can be transported back into ancient times when they read works by writers like Virgil, Cicero and Horace. This lets them develop an intimate understanding of the origins of sciences and societies. 

Higher Test Scores

Kids with knowledge of Latin score better on the SAT and other exams. The Johns Hopkins School of Education reports on a study showing that kids who knew Latin scored significantly higher on the SAT and GRE. In fact, Latin students earned an astounding average Verbal SAT score of 666. That's compared to the national average, which is 504. 

Latin may be considered dead, but it is still a thriving part of academics, classical education and science. A basic understanding of Latin is a gift that a child will be able to use in school, in a career and in their own personal development. Enroll your children in Latin, and watch them bloom.