2 Ways Your Child Can Pay Their Own Preschool Tuition

While there are several benefits for children attending preschool, many parents find the cost of decent preschools out of their reach. Many parents have to work extra hours or take on part-time jobs just to give their children the head start in life that preschool can offer. The cost can be especially prohibitive in families where only one parent works and the other parent stays at home to manage the home and care for children. 

If you are a stay at home parent looking for ways to supplement the cost of your child's daycare program, why not consider letting your child earn the cost themselves? Of course, you cannot put your child to work, but there are several ways that you can earn money by doing your everyday parenting tasks. Here are three of the most lucrative ways to utilize your parenting experience to pay for your child's preschool. 

Stock Photography 

If you have a keen eye and decent camera equipment, you can supplement your monthly income by selling stock photography. At the moment, the stock photography market is rather saturated, which is driving down the earning potential of beginning photographers. However, if you have a child who loves having their picture taken and you regularly do interesting activities with your child, you have the potential to fill a very specific niche for children stock photography. This is because photographers need model releases for any recognizable people in their photographs and it is not always easy for photographers to find child models. 

As technology improves, even smartphones are able to capture beautiful images. Smartphone apps where you can upload your images and sell them are starting to emerge and compete with traditional stock photo sites, and these are worth checking out if you always find yourself snapping adorable pictures of your child on your smartphone. 

Mommy Blogging 

Although it is often referred to as 'mommy blogging,' it should be called 'parental blogging.' Parents are constantly looking for advice on a plethora of issues that come up in the early years of childhood. If you have a unique perspective on parenting, such as being a stay-at-home dad, or if you are knowledgeable about child development and a specific parenting technique, you may be able to make money blogging about it. 

The most successful blogs include a variety of media, such as writing, music, and videos. They are also regularly updated and require quite a bit of social networking to get going. Once you have a decent following on your blog, you can make money by either selling advertisement space on your blog or writing guest blog posts for other bloggers.

Advertising can be sold based on how often the advertisement appears or how often a user clicks on the advertisement, and there are several programs set up that will place appropriate ads on your site with very little effort from you. You can also make money by recommending products or doing product reviews. Depending on the site you write a guest blog post for, you can earn as little as a link back to your blog up to hundreds of dollars in compensation. Eventually, as you develop your niche, you may find your blog expanding into an actual business. 

Parenting can be a full time effort on its own, and it can be difficult to earn extra cash to send your child to a quality preschool. However, if you can integrate your child's everyday activities into a way to earn money, you may find your budget stretches a little bit further and you will be able to send your child to the best schools for them. Go to this site to learn more about preschools, their benefits and their tuition.