2 Ways Your Child Can Pay Their Own Preschool Tuition

While there are several benefits for children attending preschool, many parents find the cost of decent preschools out of their reach. Many parents have to work extra hours or take on part-time jobs just to give their children the head start in life that preschool can offer. The cost can be especially prohibitive in families where only one parent works and the other parent stays at home to manage the home and care for children. [Read More]

Advancing Your HVAC Career With Green Certifications

If you are an HVAC technician, are a way to improve your job advancement opportunities and have an interest in eco-friendly technology as well as protecting the environment, you should consider obtaining green certification. As businesses scramble to comply with Environmental Protection Agency regulations for HVAC systems and provide a healthier work environment, they will need to hire contractors with the expertise to install HVAC systems that do not harm the environment and provide energy savings. [Read More]

Helpful Tips To Keep Your Peanut-Allergic Child Safe In Day Care

The American Academy of Pediatrics conducted a study concerning food allergies in infants and young children. They found that 64.9% of accidental allergic reactions in this age group were due to lack of vigilance and 50.6% of the food that caused the allergic reactions were given to the children by people other than their parents, including teachers. If you are the parent of a young child that has been diagnosed with a life-threatening peanut allergy, you may be concerned about placing your child in a day care or other type of child care environment due to the risks that are involved. [Read More]

7 Reasons Your Kids Should Learn Latin

Latin may be a dead language, but it still lives on in many students who learn and love this classical form of communication. The Daily Dot explains that Latin can, in fact, still be used to create new words. Teaching your kids Latin will not only give them something to brag about, but it will also benefit their educational pursuits. Here are 7 reasons why.  Increase English Vocabulary Latin is at the core of the English language, and many words in English came directly from Latin. [Read More]